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About Us

Hello, I’d like to say that Curious Velo is the realization of a dream but at the moment it is a step in the right direction and a work in progress at best.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am pretty much all about vintage bicycles and have long held a dream that begins with a shop.  Not your typical bicycle shop though.  Wherever you look there are cool vintage bicycles and bicycle related stuff, books, clothing, catalogues and ephemera, posters and pictures.  There would be no attitude at the door and someone bringing in an old Raleigh Sports would be as valued as someone else bringing in their Hetchins or any modern counterpart.  There likely won’t be anything modern, obviously exceptions might be made.  The thing is It is not about the price tag or certain cachet, it is about the look, feel and the way vintage bicycles and riding them make you feel.


1935 RRA - Raleigh Record Ace
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Temporary makeshift sign

It isn’t perfect but it is getting closer every day.  Anything I have as far as bicycles that are mine and not for sale, you’ll be able to take the out for a ride on the bike path, the Humber is a must.  Whatever catalogues I have left you’ll be able to finger through.  You can have a cup of coffee or tea on me and if the only reason you are there is that you are curious, like vintage bicycles and all that they have to offer then I am more than good with that.

With all of that said, I am happy to introduce you to Curious Velo, my kind of vintage bicycle shop.